2014, Here we come!

It's been quiet here. Too quiet. The New Year has come and gone. The 2014 driving season is about to start - although you'd never know it by the temperature and amount of snow on the ground! Exciting things have been happening for Miata/MX-5 and Mazda fans in general.

As far as our club goes, we've elected a new President. Tom Schultz has agreed to take the helm again! I have served with him before and know he's a great guy! He has already shared some of his ideas for the club and we all look forward to what's ahead for 2014 and beyond. Rob Schafer is now our Secretary. I will be posting his minutes soon. Watch this space and monitor your club email.

Breakfasts continue!

Don't worry about our outgoing President, Glen Turner, however. He's still around and will continue to host our Sunday breakfasts. Check out our Sunday Breakfasts link for details.

New members!

Ryan Sarkar: 2001 Highlight Silver Metallic
Tony Law: 1999 10th Anniversary Edition - Blue
Dave Holmberg (Don't we know you from somewhere?): 2006 Limited Edition - Velocity Red Metallic

Drives Forum Now Online

Based on discussions at our 2014 Annual General Meeting, we have added a new Club Trip Planning Forum. It can be found by clicking here or by clicking on the Drives Forum link on the menu sidebar on the right of this page. You will have use your club login ID to be able to make entries. Please contact me if you are having problems logging in!

25 Years of Miata

2014 is the 25th Anniversary of the Miata. I can't believe it, myself! I still have my old Miata Club of America membership card from those days and a few issues of Miata Magazine. In that era we were looking forward to what mods we could make - from the companies just starting out making custom parts for the car.

There is a great deal of buzz surrounding the unveiling of the new version of our beloved sports car. We do know that it will built in cooperation with Alfa Romeo. There have been many mockups of the new car by fans but a couple of credible images have emerged. This one by seems to ring a few bells with enthuisasts.




Heed the "Carfather"!

Ron Schafer provided this image of the front cover of a Miata owner's manual "edited" by Bob Hall, the spiritual father of the Miata. If I were you I would take his advice:

A Race Weekend with CJ Wilson Racing

I have written an article for the Travelogue section of our site about a Miata racing team I have come to know in the Mazda MX-5 Cup in 2013. Click here to take a look. It was a lot of fun and I make more friends at the track every year! After this year's race weekend in May, I will post an update.

Tech Session is coming up!

Fraser is offering up his garage for this year's (mostly) annual tech session will be on April 5th. Please check your club email for details. Many thanks to Fraser for hosting this session!


More to come. Here's looking forward to the 2014 driving season! Let's make it safe and fun!