Guiding an Ontario Miata Club Member Through the Highwood Pass


Some time ago CRMC was contacted for information on driving the Highwood Pass. 

A Miata owner from the Trillium club in Ontario was going to be in Calgary for a family reunion mid July and was wanting to do the highwood pass drive while here. We exchanged a few emails, provided options on the drive and confirmed which roads were paved. We got in touch again last Thursday when they arrived in Calgary. Diane and I decided on the spur of the moment to accompany them and extended a late invitation to other CRMC members who might have been able to accompany us. Randy was able to free up some time and came along for the first part of the trip.

After a brief meeting and introductions we departed the Carriage House Inn parking lot just after 11 am, heading south on Macleod Tr to 22X. We picked Randy up in his ND as we turned south on 37 Street. The plan was to continue south on 37 Street and connect to Black Diamond on some less travelled roads, then access highway 40 at Longview after a brief stop for beef jerky. The forecast had included rain and the skies ahead of us did show signs but aside from the clouds we had perfect weather.



We came upon a heard of mountain sheep just after entering the park and in spite of us stopping on the far side of the road all but one crossed to our side and headed up the mountain side before we had a chance at taking any photos. We stopped at the highwood pass summit for some photos. Parted ways with Randy and headed north with our guests for a late lunch at the Pomeroy Hotel. We then headed north to the TCH and back to Calgary.








This is when we heard of the nasty hail storms that had happened around us. We had managed to avoid all of the weather excitement arriving in the city after it had moved on.