Want to lead a drive for the club? First of all, thank you! Next, take a look at the primer below to help you make the experience the most fun and the least hassle for everyone participating.

Before you Leave

  • Pick a destination, a route, a date, and commit to the tour!
  • Give everyone as much information (via email, Google Groups, and/or at meetings) as you can (maps, GPS coordinates, - whatever may help). Use mapping tools to figure out a fairly accurate time for the drive. Don’t let our members have to guess on timings, locations, etc. Remind everyone to refuel before arriving at the start point.
  • Warn everyone with two weeks, one week, two days and one day before the event.
  • If necessary (for reservations, etc.) ask members to respond via email to your personal address. This keeps Google Group traffic to a minimum, keeps email in-boxes from jamming up, and keeps people happy. As tour organizer, you can keep the club up-to-date on your tour through the Google Group.
  • If the tour is weather-dependent, send out a cancellation notice via email as soon as you make the no-go decision. Once that is done, drive to the start point at the scheduled start time to see if anyone has not received the message. Try not to let people sit around wondering where everyone else is!
  • Decide on rest stops, and ensure there will be sufficient parking for the numbers you may be expecting. Washrooms at rest stops should be considered a must. Easy exit from, and entrance to, the highway or road you’re using is a definite bonus as it’s safer, and easier to keep the cars together.
  • Count the cars. If you’re uncomfortable with the number of cars in the pack, split it up into manageable groups before the tour starts and ask for volunteers to lead the other convoys.
  • Ensure everyone knows your cellphone number before the tour starts. Instruct them to give you a call if they need to abort or if they have an emergency. While we’re all grown and independent and everyone can look after themselves, good communications will reduce your stress levels.
  • Conduct a driver’s meeting just before heading out. Cover:

        Planned route
        Planned rest stops
        Known hazards
        Your cellphone number
        Special requirements (toll roads or park fees, etc.)


On the Road

  • Ensure everyone is ready to roll before pulling out of the parking lot.
  • Try to keep the group together, but realize that it may not be possible. If you’ve given a good driver’s briefing, cars should be able to find the rest stops or destination on their own.
  • Maintain a good average speed which will not hold up other traffic, but which is within the parameters of the posted speed limits. Remember that some drivers and cars are more comfortable with higher average speeds than others. Please note: the CRMC does not condone exceeding the posted speed limits at any time.
  • If one car needs to stop for fuel, everyone stops for fuel.
  • Give lots of advance notice (signal lights) for turns.
  • If you come up on slower traffic, keep in mind the number of cars behind you, the nature of the road, and the subsequent risk of passing. It may be a bit slower, but infinitely safer, to remain behind.
  • Having fun in a safe manner should be the goal.


After the tour

  • Ask for feedback from the participants.
  • Ensure the route and associated stops are given to the CRMC executive for archiving and possible future use.
  • Publish a report and photos to the CRMC website!
  • Give yourself a pat on the back!