Highwood Pass Drive, June 2016

On June 21st, five vehicles in total, 2 NAs including one right-hand drive, one NB and two NCs made the 330km round trip from Westhills Shopping Centre
Me, Daniel, Patrick and the Schafers met at the Westhills Safeway to begin and we found it sunny and cool. At 9:45 am, we headed west on Hwy #8. The McGraths joined us at the junction with the Trans-Canada Highway west of Calgary. Thanks to Diane for calling ahead with this alert. Aubin and Rose fit in well with their good driving skills right away. As we made our way west on Highway 1 the traffic was light enough but there were some slow-downs for some highway paving. By the time we turned south on Highway 40, we were glad to do so as threatening skies appeared further west!
We made a stop at the Barrier Lake Information Centre. We encountred wet roads and a few showers as we approached the Highwood Pass. At the pass, the skies cleared somewhat but it was still quite cool.
We emerged from the pass, a ran quickly into Longview and the Twin Cities Hotel for lunch. No problem getting a table on a Tuesday! By 2:00 pm we were ready to hit the road but just in time for a downpour! We ran to our cars, and, after a quick stop for Longview Beef Jerky before heading north.
The rain ended and it was dry the rest of the way home along the Cowboy Trail (Highway 22). Then we split up to make our way east into city by various routes.