Exciting news! The Canadian Rockies Miata Club is very happy to open registration for the Rockies Rendezvous September 14th to 16th, 2018. The host venue is the Lodge at Kananaskis, located in the Kananaskis Valley, Alberta.

Register through: https://www.rockiesrendezvous.ca

Questions? Contact us at: rockies.rendezvous@gmail.com

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MAX the MX5

This is our second Miata, our first being a 2001 Sunlight Silver unit.

Early in the summer of 2008, I had been negotiating with the dealer in Lethbridge on one of two new "Power Retractable Hardtop" (PRHT) models. A vacation to the US interrupted the negotiations and, when we returned, I discovered both cars had been sold! Erk! I had promised a friend my 2001 when I did the deal in Lethbridge then he showed up, cheque in hand, for his Miata. Ah, erk again!

Now I was Miata-less in the prime of summer and so I started a North America-wide hunt for a new PRHT. After two weeks and many false starts, mostly due to Americans fear of Canadian banks, I finally found a seller in Bellevue, Washington who had an 2007 PRHT with only 6000 miles. He was willing to deal as he was hot after a new sailboat. A friend in Abbotsford, BC was willing to take me from there to Bellevue and suggested we make a weekend of it on his 38-foot yacht anchored 15 miles up the coast. Ah gee, really?

So I flew out to Abbotsford on a Saturday morning and by 1 pm, was enjoying a cold one on the flying bridge of my friend’s boat when I caught sight of our new MX-5 securely parked in the marina lot. Amazing! On the following Monday, I started back home and, since I had done my homework in advance, the border crossing was a breeze. The original owner had paid cash for the car and so retained had the legal title for the vehicle. Private sales in Washington State do not require sales tax and the license plate must stay with the car and is valid for 14 days after a sale. I had the Auto Trader ad with me and, in fact, it was still online when Canadian Customs questioned the price at the border.,I showed them the ad and told them to check it out for themselves. They did and said, "you got a helluva deal" then sent me on my way.

This has been MAX’s first real winter but with four snow tires, ABS, traction and stability control, the roads have not been a problem except when his air dam acts as a snowplough. Now, Spring is here which couldn’t come too quickly for us.

-Tim and Jan Gataiant


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