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Tom and Kathy's MSM

Wednesday, 08 July 2009 22:32

Tom and Kathy's 2001 Sunlight Silver NAIt was the usual thing to do during the evenings of winter 2006 – Kathy would go online to complete her Master’s Degree and Tom would go online to look at cars, usually Miatas. An online ad caught Tom’s eye and a few weeks later, a nearly new 2001 Sunlight Silver was parked in the garage.

Shortly thereafter, Tom googled the Canadian Rockies Miata Club, exchanged emails with Hugh Woods and went to the club’s Sunday breakfast on a very wintry March day. Tom thought he knew a little about cars – after all, he had owned dozens and had at one time turned the wrenches in the family service station. After meeting the Miata “nuts” at CRMC, Tom realized he knew very little about the car he and Kathy had just purchased and very little about competitive driving. That all was going to change and quickly.

Attending club meetings and breakfasts and going on drives just served to wake up the latent appetite for more. More top down driving, more speed, more trips and best of all, more time with your honey! A two week trip to Oregon demonstrated the true capability of the ‘01 Silver NB – very fun to drive, dependable, can easily take two weeks worth of clothes clubs, wine and stuff in that tiny trunk. Crowded – yes! Fun – enormously! Hot – oh my gosh it was hot. 108 degrees F in Washington state with no air conditioning - it made us whimper and sweat!

Tom and Kathy's Black Mica MSMThe 01’ Silver was put to bed for the winter and wouldn’t you know it that Kathy and Tom resumed their routine - Kathy online for her Masters course and Tom online looking at cars. This time, however, it was a ’05 Black Mica Mazdaspeed GT in the USA with only 1800 miles, leather interior, cloth top, and air conditioning that caught his eye. Faster than you can say, “Honey I bought us a new car”, the little black ‘Speed was in Calgary, bumper changed out to satisfy the law of the day and TOMKATS license plate applied. The 01 was quickly sold and the MSM began its life as a pampered Canadian car.

Kathy and Tom have driven the MSM to Moab, Utah (suffered a fuel pump failure), Flyin Miata (fuel pump fixed by Bill Cardel himself) Colorado, Montana, LAWT, BC and Backroads to Bavaria in Leavenworth, Washington. A real adrenalin pumping experience was to be had running the car on the Calgary Raceway at the club’s track night. The car is easy to drive and is just plain fast! On top of that, the little Mazdaspeed has air conditioning and cruise control for those long hot drives and very long hours in the saddle.

To date, the MSM has received a few modifications – Flyin Miata downpipe, catalyst, midpipe and exhaust, cruise control, CB radio, new Yokohama S Drive tires (for some reason – the OEM Toyos only lasted 13000 miles at the rear), 3M bra, Nautilus horn, synthetic oil in transmission and differential. The car only has 16000 miles on it now and regularly gets 40 mpg on the highway when driven at moderate speeds. Future plans include the Big Enchilada from Flyin Miata.

The MSM on the track!
The whole experience has been so good that both Kathy and Tom now volunteer their time with the Canadian Rockies Miata Club in executive positions and just love to be with the nicest people who just happen to drive the world’s most popular sports car.

- Tom and Kathy