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I have a perfect condition air intake manifold for sale for a 1990 Miata. $150 plus shipping.

Complete air intake (air box) including AFM. $50

1990 Miata Ignition Module
Ignition Module for 1990 Miata including key (of course). I got this from a wrecker but never used it. $25

Cam Cover for 2000 Miata. Good condition. $ 100

IAC Valve for a 1990 Miata. $25.

Cigarette Lighter $5

Photo at https://picasaweb.google.com/1149110...JBw&feat=email

April 29, 2015 | Registered CommenterSean Archer

And this stuff too ...

I have a pair of very good condition cams from a 1.6 Miata. Always run with Mobil 1 so lobe wear is minimal. 100,000 miles but you would never guess. I can take measurements if needed. $150

This radiator has never leaked and has always had clean fluid. $50

April 29, 2015 | Registered CommenterSean Archer